Media Creation

Graphics & Design

Graphic design is a creative endeavor which is related to almost every aspect of our lives nowadays. The prevalence of the art of graphic designing cannot be overemphasized in most aspects of human endeavour.

For a business to make maximized conversions, one would require the service of a professional web and user interface designer. The creative and beautiful graphics that illustrate your ideas and services can build great branding. It is a way of impressing clients and getting them fixated on your brand.

Creative designers who are always ready to help design your motion graphics, product packaging, e-book covers, 3D images and videos will be great asset for any brand. With so many talented artists to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one that captures your needs – whether it’s simply a very brief Photoshop makeover or a high-end custom graphic.


Everyday, the race for dominance in the photography industry gets more intense, and the competition is stiff. You have to be very exceptional to be on top of your game and get noticed by your prospective clients.

The prime game is branding. Branding is the hallmark of every big corporation nowadays. If you want to be a giant in your field, you must not take your branding with levity. It must be impressive and highly distinctive. It must be peculiar to your own specialization and speak tons about what you can do. Photography is an art that requires a lot of creativity because the picture must send a message that is informative, attractive and makes readers fixated and long for more. Professional photographers have a clear view about how pictures align closely with the business of marketing. The picture is used to sell an idea in such way that the customer has no choice but to give in, and to agree with the message. The effect has to be highly captivating.

Video Making

The two basic functions of videos are: entertainment and advertising. However, over the years, things have revolutionized on a large scale. The developments in Commerce and technology have made the situation quite different, and videos are now being used for many other commercial purposes.

Corporations have now imbibed the vogue of using corporate videos to aid effective and far-reaching communication within the organization. This can be in the form of adverts, marketing videos, intra-organizational communication within the corporation, customer testimonials, video conferencing for meetings, etc. All these have an effect on the success of the brand and how it can convince and attract clients. Any organization who exploits these strategies will be ahead in terms of having a distinctive and convincing brand.

The most popular and widely-used video platform, YouTube, has also played a huge role in the growth of businesses recently. Companies now have their own YouTube channels which they use to interact with clients, prospective clients and everyone possible. It is used as a great tool for brand and product exhibition. Some start-ups have risen from the backstreet to the forefront within a very short period because they made videos about their ideas and company and it went viral on YouTube. This is not so hard because YouTube is the video streaming platform with the highest number of subscribers in the world.

The use of funny & comedy videos, incredible & awe-inspiring videos, and product & services demonstration, short films, etc. have been very effective in brand awareness and advertisement. Narrative stories can also play a very important role in video production for your business. The use of fiction and humor has proven to be powerful and effective means to build your brand awareness and exposure.

A video production schema can be divided into four major parts:
-Post-production and,

The quality of any production project is dependent on the combined technical qualities of the method, equipments, skill and personnel that were used to execute the project. That is why you see some videos that have far better quality than the others.

All of these also depend on the budget of producing the video. The money expended on shooting or making a video will also determine the quality of the personnel and equipments that will be used, which will in turn have effect on the video quality. We have videos with budgets as low $300 dollars and we have videos with budgets as high as $10 million. Both videos will without doubt be very different in quality. So your video quality depends largely on how much you are willing to invest in it.

Sound Recording

Before the advent of video, there was just picture and sound. It is when both are put together in motion that makes video. Even after the advent of video, recorded sound has always played a very important role in Commerce. This can either come in form of narrative or music.

The process involved includes, recording, mixing and mastering the sound. Sound recording is useful for music, voice-over, jingles and ads, podcasts, video games, audio books, special utility for those who are visually impaired.

A sound recording must be of very high quality so as the message to be understood clearly. When the sound quality is bad, the message is unpalatable and the individual may not even want to hear it to the end. It gets tiring and boring. If not it has the effect intended. It perpetrates the mind of a listener due to its crisp quality.

Our Video-Making Process

All of us see nice and awesome videos and we love and appreciate them but are totally unaware of the ‘magic’ behind the scenes of the production of those breath-taking visuals. Some company executives have even paid for video productions, but are totally clueless about how they are made. We go through the following steps in the process of making a video:

Initial Briefing
This is a meeting with all stakeholders concerned in the video production. You will be asked questions on what you want, to be able to have an idea of your particular specification. You will be asked about your type of audience, length of video, schedule, etc. The meeting can span between 15 to 30 minutes depending on how quick the idea is grasped.

Proposal and Cost estimate
After your video specifications have been known, then your budget will be drawn based on all elements involved in your production process and the methods that will be used to execute the project. A short proposal will be prepared to give you a clear view of your budget. The proposal preparation can take up to 24 to 72 hours. The next thing is to begin the project execution after you have agreed to the proposal. You will now have to work closely with all the crew members so that they will work in line with your specifications and expectations.

Create Production Plan
Creating a production plan is to decide and put in place the strategy for having a smooth production run. This is a step-by-step outline of everything that will be done along the line and the duration of each.

Story Creative
As the story is the basic element of a video, everything else must revolve and operate around it. Other elements such as the actors and actresses, the costumes, the locations, camera movement, music, etc. must be brought together in perspective of the story. And if the story needs to be edited and crafted professionally, the scriptwriters shall be up to the task of trimming and modifications of your idea. It is also good to know that in corporate productions, scripting plays a secondary role. We just need to stick to the concept which would be used to pass the desired message across.

Client Creative Approval
This refers to the final approval of the story creative which is very important to seal everything so that there won’t be mistakes and contentions along the line. It must be finalized before every other thing is set in motion.

Shooting of the video
The shooting of the video proper is commenced by the arrival of the video crew. The personnel and equipment will be set. And then they can start work according to schedule as agreed upon in the proposal, in substance and timing. The moment all the footage of the video has been captured and ready, then we move into the post-production stage which starts with editing the video – removing the unwanted parts and trimming it to fit.

Polishing the Video
The polishing process involves balancing and cleaning up the video, inserting background music and mixing of all audios, addition of any graphics and effects, etc. All these are after the ‘final cut’ of the video has been approved.

The next thing is approval, when it has been finally agreed that the video follows all specifications. Then we make a ‘master copy’, from which all other copies are subsequently produced.

The final part is the distribution of the copies of the video which is made from the video master or master copy. Distribution can take different forms; it may be distributed in hard copy, i.e CDs or in soft copy i.e video files sent across devices in either online mode (Internet) or offline mode (Bluetooth, infrared etc).

These are all the steps involved in our production process. Reach out to us to discuss about how we can help with your video project.