Digital Marketing

It is not hard to grasp the overall notion of Integrated Digital Marketing – Systematic delivery of your marketing and branding communication on various media channels. Our team of Digital Marketing experts execute a combination of paid and organic activities to achieve optimum outreach. The secret to achieving fast results is to sync each activity with real-time response data, and make necessary adjustments at all times.

We help you streamline and execute all your offline and online marketing activities into a methodical marketing ecosystem. All this will be done while making sure you make the most out of your investment.

Below are our main deliverables and activities of the Integrated Marketing Kit.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We see your website as your most valuable asset. Our digital marketing efforts will be commenced with the optimization of the website itself. We usually do it with a collection of plugins and SEO tweaks. SEO is not all about ranking high in the Search Engines, but is also about identifying right audience, optimizing for the right keywords, and tracking the progress to make necessary adjustments for your website.

Setting up goals – Before beginning SEO work, we set up the goals for the website along with your inputs.

Keyword research & page setup – The SEO process starts with keyword research of the website. Keyword research indicates the terminology used by people to search and discover content in your domain. We use a number of techniques to research on the keywords and choose the right ones. We’ll create a master list of possible search terms that your audience can and will use, and carry out a deep analysis of your products and offerings. On your approval of the suggested keywords, the next step is to select the apt pages in your website for each short-listed keyword.

Analytics setup – Tracking SE traffic can help to uncover the real view of search marketing success. Before making any changes in the website, we setup the Google analytics to measure the results at every stage. We also analyze your top competitor websites and do comparative studies of their keywords, on-page optimization, back-links, age etc.

On-Page optimization – Before beginning SEO work, we do an audit and measure how your website is currently performing. We then optimize the website for better ranking in the search engines. We use only safe and ethical practices to the likes of Google.

Off-Page optimization – This process builds trust and authority of your website in the eyes of major search engines. Off-page optimization or link building is the reason for getting maximum performance in the search engines for targeted keywords.

Check out our SEO package.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social media marketing has twice as much lead-to-close rate as outbound marketing. Almost 90 percent of B2B marketers utilize social media in one form or another. Regardless of what you sell or who your target audience is, having social media in your arsenal of marketing weapons can provide you with valuable help into growing your brand and increasing your revenues. We have included below, a list of Social Mediums with a detailed description of suggested activity.



Unique Posts – Unique contents will be posted on your Facebook page on average of 7-9 times a week. These posts will feature contents such as custom graphics, company based news and call to action to visit the company website.

Content Promotion – Social media will be used to massively promote any unique content we create for you. This will not only increase the number of people who will read it but will also improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) too.

Interaction with Other Pages – This will help get the attention of other pages that belong to complementary and non-competing businesses. This will encourage increased sharing of company contents and will also introduce more people to your brand.

Creation of Custom Images – With the help of our very creative and professional graphics designers, we would create a minimum of two custom graphics weekly.

Customer Support – Anytime a customer is dissatisfied with a program, product, or service, they may let out their grievances via social media. We will respond and reply to any of the feedbacks received promptly and courteously. We will also provide answers to any inquires made. For ensuring our answers are in-line with your brand guidelines, we will keep things in-loop with your team.

Facebook Ads – Your Advertisement budget upto $100 monthly is a part of our social media package and the services include:

  • Ad concept and copy
  • Management of the ad campaign
  • Analytics reports
  • Graphic design/correctly paid for stock photo
  • Targeting of audiences
  • Adjustment of ads as required to maximize results
  • Determining the best content to use them with
  • A/B testing between two or more ads within the one campaign

If you need us to increase the monthly budget for ads, we an easily integrate that into the existing scheme. It will only cost you 15% on your advertising spend as our Ad-management fee.



Daily Tweets – Approximately 1-3 tweets each day. An average of 20-30 percent of the content will be based on automated or self promotion, then focus will be on contributing value to the community and keeping a cordial and continued interaction with the target audience of the company.

Creation and Management of Hashtag – We will always be abreast on the latest trends and pick our timing right. These hashtags will facilitate better visibility, increase interactions and get more followers.

Interacting for the Purpose of PR – Twitter is a very effective tool in PR. Most journalists are always active on Twitter to get their news items and articles. Bloggers and journalists related to your brand will be short-listed, and then we build resonance with them over online channels before we can introduce them to your company. This modus operandi is one of the best strategy to grow your Twitter presence.

Promotion of Content – We will indulge in a continuous sharing of the company’s content, which will help in increasing the traffic influx on the website.

Customer Support – We will be on a lookout for any tweet relating to the company, even of the tweet is not directed @ the company directly. If the tweet is positive, we would make sure it is retweeted, favourited and gets spread. However, if the tweet is negative, you will be urgently intimated and we would respond to the person’s grievances with immediate effect, and do so in a courteous manner. Their inquiries will be promptly responded after consultation with your team.

Keyword Monitoring – We make use of Hootsuite to keep surveillance on people talking about relevant topics, and then build connection with them.

Twitter Lists – We are going to get Twitter chats on topics relevant to your brand. We can also host our own or we may carry out an interview with a writer or writing professional who has a mammoth of Twitter followers. This will effectively bring influencers to our marketing mix.

Twitter Chats – We are going to participate in Twitter chats once every month on behalf of your company brand. If no Twitter chat is ongoing, we can create ours and manage it. This is not actually easy but that is essential.



Updates – From research about Social media, it has been revealed that Google+ daily updates has a direct impact on the ranking of your website after a period of 90 days. Your SEO will also be significantly improved.

Communities– Google+ is used by many people mainly to engage in the communities on the platform, and we will be very active in all the relevant communities leaving no stone unturned. We will find out what communities are already in existence and further create our own as deemed necessary.

Hashtags – We are going to make use of the right hashtags in creating updates. We would make use of the most relevant and trendiest hashtags so that when people search for topics of interest, they will find your brand easily.



Updates – There would be approximately regular posts on the brand’s LinkedIn page, which will penetrate to reach its followers or ‘connections’. All articles, blog posts and press interactions will be promoted on the page.

Interaction – Your LinkedIn in page will follow or ‘connect’ with other pages concentrating more on thought leaders, mentors and other related brands that are not your competitors. Their updates will be shared on your page at intervals, so that they are useful and appropriate for your own audience.

LinkedIn Group Involvement – We will join LinkedIn in groups and interact with other members for your brand’s benefit. This will create and improve interactions with people who are not following the company yet and will also direct traffic to the company’s website. We would engage 5-7 group discussions weekly. This will largely involve promotion of the website content as appropriate.

LinkedIn Group Management – a post will be published in each once per week at least and also get into ongoing discussions as appropriate.

Ad management – You prepare the budget and we take care of the targeting, monitoring and reporting of correspondence. This will make your post get to individuals and businesses who are not familiar with your brand. (An additional ad management fee that will be 15% of total ad budget).

Images – We’ll ensure that the images we use will not amount to any copyright infringements. They will usually be stock photos, custom graphics and photos that are provided to us by you. We always use optimal sized images for various social media channels.

Making social media effective for your brand does not follow one-size fit all approach. Rather, several components contribute towards the success of any social media strategy.

Content Marketing

In three months, we are going to significantly attract more visitors to your website by creating very unique contents that could interest them. Then, we shall promote the blogs on social media channels. It starts with optimizing the blog itself, which we can do with a variety of SEO tweaks and excellent plugins.

We alternate through four kinds of blog posts:

Industry-Connect posts – In this mode, quotes from a minimum of three experts will be incorporated in each of the posts. An emphasis is placed on those experts that have a large personal social media following. This will enable us leverage their networks to direct more traffic to the website (most experts will share links to blog posts which feature them). Also, this will send a positive signal to all search engine crawlers too. (1500+ words each).

Research posts – These are posts which are targeted towards potential buyers and also have a strong SEO focus. These long-form posts are designed to draw-in organic search traffic, and can also be a good way of passively generating leads on a regular basis. Research has revealed that the latest Google algorithm support long-form contents more, and posts with 2000+ words tend to generate the largest SEO returns on the long-run.

Listicles – These are lists based blogs that attract readership across several groups. They usually invite people to share it across their networks, or even bookmark them for future reference.

Conversational posts – These kind of posts provide observations about topics that your customers may find interesting.

Story-telling Videos – Create Virtual Reality 360 degree videos showcasing the best aspects of your offering, and tell stories.

Email Marketing

There is this one category that refuses to let go – Email marketing. And it’s not hard to understand why; for more than a decade, email marketing has been delivering the highest ROI for marketing professionals. Email marketing generates $38 in ROI for every dollar spent and provides marketers with the broadest reach of all the other channels they have access to. Despite the abundance of marketing tools available, email marketing is unmatched in terms of business growth.

Email marketing is cheap and has a twenty times higher value for money compared to traditional media. Also, contrary to direct mail marketing or telemarketing, customers get the chance to interact and create stronger relationships with email. Some of the best marketers, working in the most successful companies worldwide, think of email as the best channel for business growth.

Digital Advertising

This form of advertising is done using social networks and Search Engines. Often referred to as “Sponsor Ads”, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is done by placing an ad in the query results by the search engine. Depending on your personal preference, your ads will be seen only by users that meet your stated demographics criteria. Pay-Per-Click is the best option as you only get to pay for your ad when a user clicks on your ad. The other popular options are Pay-Per-Impression and Pay-Per-Action.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an excellent tool a brand can use in reaching out to its potential customers on social media networks. This is also one of the effective means of establishing strong online presence. Facebook ad is a good example. It gives you a wider reach, while giving your brand more exposure. SMM isn’t the same thing as Social Media Optimization (SMO) which depends on how effectively you use social media networks in raising awareness for your brand.