We use tech tools to listen to important discussions on social web, Join them in real time, and spread the word about your product. We find influencers for your brand and get them to vouch for your brand.

  • LISTEN to important discussions, join them in real time, and spread the word about your product or service across social and the web.
  • RESEARCH carefully. Social media is full of invaluable market information and consumer intelligence – but it’s also full of noise.
  • ENGAGE by taking your customer service social. Answer clients’ questions, follow up on positive and (ahem) negative comments, and build relationships.
  • WHISPER to your audience and prospects by reaching out to their influencers in the digital networks.
  • AUTOMATE Drip Emails and Messenger-chats customized to your prospects’ interest.
  • APPLY the principles of Gamification, Referral and Viral Marketing strategies.

Social Listening – Find sales opportunities

We let you listen in real-time of all relevant conversations in the social media channels and the web. This gives you an opportunity to join the conversation, and soft-sell your product/service. Furthermore, you can listen to what people are talking about your competitors as well.

Social Research – Monitor your market and create goodwill

Setting relevant alerts, we can monitor the conversations in social media and blogs about your industry and niche. We shall let you know insights about the public sentiment on those keywords and filter the noise associated with it. Knowing the public pulse, it will help you shape your strategy for marketing and sales.

Social Engagement – Engage with your prospects & customers

We engage with your prospects and audience in social media on behalf of you. As a follow-up to Social listening, we join the conversations and speak in favor of your brand or business. We do soft-selling where appropriate, and engage with your current customers too. In case of any negative sentiments arousing for your brand, we will connect with your team to get damage control done effectively.

Social Whispering – Influence your audience

We master the art of social influencing with our digital tools. We identify the top influencers in your domain whose opinions will make a dramatic difference to your prospects. Further, we will get our whisper-agenda fulfilled by designated influencers on social web. It is all about word-of-mouth marketing, and creating a good-will for your brand.

Furthermore, We use QnA websites such as Quora to effectively drive our Whisper agenda. Google recently started giving better page rank on the search result for Quora making it very important for a blogger to exploit it.

Most online savvy audience now refer to Quora for public opinion while making choices. Your brand perception could seriously be created or altered using such crowd-sourced websites.

Email Automation

We use tools like Hubspot to execute Email drip campaigns with automated sales prospecting. Now that marketing automation is incorporated in most email marketing platforms, like MailChimp, you can set up email workflows that will do the work for you.

FB Messenger Outreach

Engage your customers on Facebook Messenger!
We use a smart solution for outreach on Facebook Messenger. Think of it as newsletters for FB Messenger. We send updates and drip campaigns to your audience, knowing 80% of your messages get read. We shall configure an automated sequence of messages to be sent to any new subscriber to increase your retention and activation rates.

Referral & Viral Marketing

Referrals Made Easy For Everyone!
We implement revolutionary template-based viral & referral marketing solution for modern marketers.
We’ve prepared campaign templates inspired by great companies, like Dropbox, Airbnb and Mailchimp.


We run referral programs, viral giveaway, pre-launch campaigns in a single platform.
Gamification can cause a huge increase of motivation among employees and customers, leading to an increase in revenue.