We streamline paid media activities into methodical Ad-campaigns on digital platforms. This includes advertising on Google, Facebook, Youtube, merchandising and more.

Campaign Management

• Ad concept and copy
• Graphic design/correctly paid for stock photo
• Bidding for the optimum price in the ad campaign
• Targeting of audiences
• Adjustment of ads as required to maximize results
• A/B testing between two or more ads within the one campaign
• Campaign Tracking
• Ad Performance Analytics report

Audience Targeting

• Keyword targeting – Identify specific keywords mentioned in various blogs / news and target those users reading the corresponding articles.
• Placement targeting – Websites and portals where your industry articles are discussed
• Topic targeting – Choose the websites that are dedicated to your products
• Re-targeting – Target the past visitors of your website or landing page
• Interest categories – Target people whose interest lie in your industry
• Affinity segments – Reach out to people who has shown proven interest in your competitors

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