Digital marketing space is becoming as dynamic as ever with Google changing its search engine algorithm every now and then. It is necessary for the digital marketers to keep themselves adapted to the emerging trends and make their marketing campaigns effective. Some of important digital marketing trends to watch out in 2016:
1) Mobile web will continue to grow rapidly with mobiles becoming a must have commodity as compared to nice to have commodity in the past years
2) Marketers will try to tap the unexplored channels like Instagram, Snapchat and Periscope.
3) Influencer marketing will become mainstream to reach out to target consumers in order to overcome the difficulties posed by ad blockers.
4) Spends on real time bidding and programmatic buying will rise as it focuses on real time data based effective advertisements.
5) Spends on Video platforms will explode than ever with Facebook allowing auto playing of videos in news feed.
6) ROI driven marketing with focus on traffic and sales growth will rise since the concept of free reach out to fan followers by brands is almost dead.
7) The popularity of native ads will increase with growing Ad blockers and apple planning to introduce mobile ad- blockers in iOS 9
8) Short form contents are not going to fetch you traffic anymore. The focus of SEO has now shifted to long form 10X content which means it has to be 10 times the best among all the contents available online.


Vikas Chawla
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