We at Dimensions Co. have always aimed to be different and provide a satisfying experience to our customers through various products. Thank Bunny was one of them. This app was a brainchild of our C.E.O Mr. Seshu Karthick who wanted to bring a technological change, a modern shift to local fashion businesses in metros with keeping our focus on strengthening existing relationships between retailers and their customers. We have always believed that there is no substitute to customer satisfaction other than providing an incredible user experience.

This exact need made us experiment with multiple designs that were revised from time to time to achieve the ultimate result. After involving various suggestions and rigorous testing phases we had finally come up with a simple and an innovative design. Once the app was ready, we had to convince retailers from apparels, salons and jewelers to hop in and help them adapt technology. After finding retailers we needed a viable and an apt platform to launch our app to maximize the reach.

This is where we collaborated with Brand Avatar, an event management company responsible for organizing Fashion Premier Week, South India’s biggest fashion show. This event gave us a platform to launch our app amid much fan fare and top designers and well know celebrities. The event was covered by major media houses and we were widely appreciated by the audience for our effort.

In the end the Idea was simple but the execution wasn’t. There were many challenges. Some were easy to tackle and some were surprising. But, the faith in our own abilities and constant support from our well wishers made these challenges a thing of the past.

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