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We are good at what we do - Systematic delivery of your marketing and branding communication on several media channels. We storify your message to achieve optimum outreach. Infact, that's all we do!


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With the amount of content overload in digital mediums, it should go without saying that 60% of the success / failure of branding campaigns depends on the Digital Mix selection.

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We are based out of Chennai in India, while our clients are from across the world! We have catered to customers from US, UK, Australia, UAE, Singapore and India.

Happy Clients

We take pride in topping not only on performance, but also on a high level of ethics and transparency. All media costs are segmented and billed as per actuals.

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An Update On Digital Media Trends

Digital is just a channel! Marketing and Branding fundamentals are crucial for campaigns to work.

Influencer marketing – Final nail in coffin for traditional marketing?

The social media marketing has made a quantum shift in the way marketing is done by shifting the focus to voice of the customer rather than voice of the brand. Earlier the marketing trend used to be pulling out a brand ambassador and rolling out the story in television, newspapers and other media platforms. Today […]

Digital Marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2016

Digital marketing space is becoming as dynamic as ever with Google changing its search engine algorithm every now and then. It is necessary for the digital marketers to keep themselves adapted to the emerging trends and make their marketing campaigns effective. Some of important digital marketing trends to watch out in 2016: 1) Mobile web […]

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